Zzzzapp Wi-Fi

Zzzzapp is Wi-Fi software that
allows businesses and brands
to target, engage and monetize
on-site customers

When customers connect to your Zzzzapp Wi-Fi hotspot, they see a "welcome webpage" with unique, location-specific content, custom apps and special offers

Experience Zzzzapp!

Moscow, Russia
Chops Grill
Split, Croatia
Rixos Hotel
Dubai, UAE

Zzzzapp Wi-Fi venue and advertisers get

Exquisite micro-targeting

Location-specific, venue-specific language, device, even profession!

Complete software platform

Hassle-free, cloud software that's easy to update/change!

Advertising that delivers

3X industry CTR ave. 40 sec.on welcome page!

Plus custom webapps designed for your business

Conference centersHotels / ResortsRestaurants / bars

How is our campaign doing?

Zzzzapp's real-time CMS (content management system) lets you monitor your campaign progress minute by minute!

French tourists coming, Big snow storm last night?

Upload new images, change text fast! No tech skills needed! So you can adjust your campaign to any marketing situation.

If you want to target, engage and monetize on-site, captive customers, click here for a Zzzzapp custom solution

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